20 Years of Fabrica

Fabrica first opened its doors to the public on 30 March 1996 for a show called Spire by Caitlin Easterby.

The artist was the first to make work in response to the building and has been followed by many more and from the beginning the connection between work and building has resonated with our audience –

Love the shades of red and gold in the wood. A beautiful sculpture in a beautiful building. Visitor to Spire.

Liz Whitehead, Fabrica co-director who has been with the organisation since day one had the following to say

I’m very proud to have been at the heart of Fabrica for the past twenty years. I’ve had the privilege of seeing Fabrica develop from a twinkle in the eye to Brighton & Hove’s Centre for Contemporary Art.

Over the past twenty years we’ve commissioned some extraordinary works for our unique space and audiences and we’ve got some great artist commissions planned.

Because, at Fabrica, we like to celebrate the human, we’re planning our big celebrations for next year, our coming of age, which coincides with the 200th anniversary of the building of Holy Trinity. In the meantime though – we’ve got lots of ideas up our sleeves to help us prepare for those celebrations and you’ll be hearing all about them soon enough.

As from the picture you can see above, our 20th has coincided neatly with the installation of a window onto our space. This promises to propel us through the next twenty years of bringing great contemporary art to people from the city and beyond.

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