77 Million Paintings

“We get an intimation of our own mortality from things like this”

77 Million Paintings

During the 2010 Brighton Festival, Fabrica played host to Brian Eno’s 77 Million Paintings, a slowly and constantly changing light installation displayed by a composition of high definition video screens. Originally conceived in 2006, the piece was reminiscent of a stained glass window or mosaic design, shifting and changing Eno’s hand drawn images by way of ‘generative’ software that provided an infinite number of possible combinations. Installed into the former chancel area of the gallery, 77 Million Paintings was accompanied by a shifting ambient soundscape and was displayed in low light conditions, creating an immersive and meditative experience.

Painter and conservator Stig Evans was the artist in residence for the duration of the 77 Million Paintings exhibition. As well as running a number of experiments and workshops over this period, he was also able to indulge his interest in colour and our relationship to it. Eno’s kaleidoscopic installation provided the perfect starting point for this, allowing a full exploration of human responses to, and the historical and chemical provenance of colour.

Total Vistor Numbers: 28, 522

Visitor Comments

How beautiful and wondrous an experience. Very healing in colour and sound. Took me back to the Far East. Thank you very much for your exhibition.

Astonishing, hypnotic and transmogrifyng, like a Mobius loop where time stretches beyond the comprehensible into the infinite but actually turns in on itself to repeat (eventually) a never ending pattern of infinite possibilities echoing the eternal cycle of death and rebirth… perhaps.

“All people in every city throughout the World should have access to Brian Eno’s 77 Million Paintings installation. I believe it would help create a calmer and so happier world! Love it!!”

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Photographs by Phillip Carr