A Fine Line

“I am in search of the tipping point, the moment of almost falling over.” – Frederic Geurts

A Fine Line

A Fine Line by Frederic Geurts is a structure of delicate steel pylons that elevate a rising white curve from one end of the gallery to the other. It is a frozen trajectory, a gesture, a line drawn in space.

Frederic Geurts is fascinated by the dynamic properties of materials and the ways in which we perceive the physical realm. His practice has been described as giving three-dimensional form to our connection with the cosmos. His work consists of monumental, but very fragile architectural structures often held at a point of balance between forces of gravity, movement and material integrity.

The equilibrium that his forms ultimately find belies the unease he seeks to express, I am in search of the tipping point, the moment of almost falling over. A Fine Line, has been designed for Fabrica and made, on the spot. It is an intuitive gesture and a counterpoint to the formal solidity of the surrounding architecture.

Total Visitor Numbers: 11, 429

Exhibition Visitor Comments

A friend of mine once told me, that some famous person- writer- philosopher once said: This is like dancing to Architecture or perhaps you can dance to it. Whenever, I think of this I smile, I do! Anyway, after years of consideration and process, I can surely say to this one, I danced indeed.

I think it’s an unpredictable point of rest between certainty and uncertainty… darling!

Shame about the fault. However, lovely! It made me think of a massive dinosaur tail!

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Photographs by Philip Carr