Beneath The Stride….

“See beyond the familiarity of everyday materials and be transported into the realm of the magical…”.

Beneath the Stride of Giants

Beneath the Stride of Giants was a monumental boat, created by sculptor Brian Griffiths from a collection of second hand wooden furniture.

Griffiths’ sculpture depends on our will to imagine, to see beyond the familiarity of his everyday materials and be transported into the realm of the magical. Whilst alluding to a mythical past of Vikings, the Egyptians, the Argonauts, Griffiths’ carefully crafted combination of cupboard doors, veneered wardrobes and odd wooden artefacts maintains what he describes as the ‘nagging pull of realism’. Led by his materials, Griffiths creates fantastical structures that raise questions about how we see, experience and imagine the material world.

As part of Brighton Festival 2007, award winning author Mick Jackson was Writer-in-Residence at Fabrica alongside the exhibition. Like Griffiths, Jackson roots his tragicomic fiction in real or possible facts, creating narratives in a seemingly whimsical style which gradually lead us into stranger, darker worlds.

Together, Griffiths’ sculpture and Jackson’s writing explored our capacity to imagine, and the worlds that are created in the territory between fact and fiction.

Total Vistor Numbers: 14, 713

Exhibition Visitor Comments

Magic! You have managed to light the spark and dreams of my inner child again.

What a joy. A dream ship indeed. If I stay here beside it, I’m sure we shall float away…

Anything that inspires and evokes emotion stays in your head forever. I’ve sailed in many ships to many shores but this boat brings me home.

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Photographs by Philip Carr