Blood Relations

“All those beautiful young bodies, decapitated; all those tumbling heads and bloody, spurting necks”.

Blood Relations

For the 2009 Brighton Festival, Fabrica worked alongside several other venues across Brighton and Sussex to show a total of seven pieces of work by artist and Guest Artistic Director of the festival, Anish Kapoor. Two works were chosen by Kapoor for exhibition at Fabrica: Blood Relations, a collaboration with novelist Salman Rushdie, and 1000 Names 1979-80. Music Boxes, a piece developed by Kapoor and composer Brian Elias, was originally intended to be shown at the exhibition but was later left out of the exhibition by the artist.

Anish Kapoor is renowned for creating sensual, enigmatic sculptural forms. His inventiveness and versatility have produced collaborations with composers, choreographers and sound artists. His works range from small powdered pigment pieces to gigantic installations such as Marsyas for the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern, and Cloud Gate, his building-sized, polished steel sculpture for the AT&T Plaza, in Chicago, USA.

Whilst his portfolio of works is diverse, the themes that preoccupy him are consistent. He explores what he sees as universal polarities: presence and absence, the solid and the intangible, inside and outside.

Total Vistor Numbers: 26, 548

Exhibition Visitor Comments

Wonderful space. Never realised Kapoor deployed storytelling – cool gallery with cool staff unafraid of democratic photography – unlike many establishments up themselves.

The juxtaposition of the purity of the five elements and the utter horror of Blood Relations is disturbing. I am sure this is he intention. I don’t like it.

I loved reading the story (oh so blood curdling) on the tank and only then peering inside at the blood and guts. Poor bloody sacrificed virgins.


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Photographs by Philip Carr