“There is a knock from underneath, the slats rise, power transmission via network – sensations on the move”

-Christian Kühn


Award winners of the prix Ars Electronica for interactive art in 2001, Assocreation is an artist collective interested in digital networks and their transition into a sensuous realm. What is essential to them is developing an “open interface” that enables interaction through every day experience. BUMP was one of a series of works creating ‘gaps’ in the urban landscape for play, reflection and communication.

Two walkways 12 metres long, made up of a series of wooden planks supported by pneumatic pistons, were simultaneously situated in Fabrica Gallery Brighton and the MuseumsQuartier Vienna. The pressure of each footstep as participants move along the pavement triggered an impulse that was sent across the Internet to the other city, moving the corresponding plank by a few centimetres. Visitors could feel the connection beneath the soles of their feet, with a force that matched their own, creating an illusion of closeness to a street hundreds of kilometres away.

Total Visitor Numbers: 19,584

Visitor Comments

Haven’t had this much fun in a long time!

Oh my god it’s like a whole new way of looking at the way you walk man! It’s incredible (mind boggling idea)

Excellent way to link people together

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