Cast off

I think that a human is just a very little vanishing part of the nature with no special rights to think himself to be bigger that is one reason why I make installations reminding  landscapes out of jackets.

Cast Off

Finnish sculptor, Kaarina Kaikkonen creates installations from used materials such as telephone directories, potato sacks and men’s clothing. For Cast Off she will be creating a giant boat from 500 men’s jackets.

Kaarina uses her own experiences as a starting point for exploring big life issues such as death, memory and memorial, which will have a particular resonance in Fabrica, a former church. As a Finn, Kaikkonen sees ‘the boat’ as both an everyday object and a symbol of human passage, representing physical and metaphysical journeys.  The shape of the boat will be formed by suspending hundreds of jackets on long ropes, from one end of the gallery to the other.  Fabrica is working closely with a local hospice to collect enough jackets for the piece.

Total visitor numbers: 18,800

Visitor Comments

One of the best shows I’ve seen her. Very apt with the closing of DK Rosen’s famous ‘Suits You’ 2nd hand gentlemen’s clothiers.

Evoked a very strong feeling of ‘loss’ – i.e. lost soul literally left to hang out and dry up. The lack of spirit in western existence. Felt in the ‘gut’

The pain of memory projected through seemingly mundane articles of male clothing. Thank you. A brave and cathartic experience.

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Photograph by Philip Carr
Cast Off - small