…visitors build up a pattern of associations and memories, because smell is so closely linked to the ability to recollect experiences of space …

Feelers is an exhibition of three large-scale installations designed to test the different senses. Red’s Cave by French video artist Judith Josso in collaboration with Kate Ross is a large screen close up of a pair of laughing mouths slowed down to dramatic and surprising effect. Architectural practice Pletts Haque have built a beautiful glowing smell pavilion in which the viewer can conjure up new olfactory delights. Web based artist Carolyn Black provides a petite surreal eyeful in her video loop A Case of Vanity.

Total Visitor Numbers: 6.206

Visitor Comments

… a sense of menace and the possibility that somewhere out of sight a creature lies laughing…

very exciting personal involvement – smell cube brought back memories of Nan’s bathroom… the mouthpiece: how frightening sensuality can be …bizarrely sexual without being at all erotic…

Wonderful fun getting in touch with my senses! They are taken so much for granted

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Photographs by Philip Carr