“As the viewers move, these halos move with them, creating complex interweavings of the spiralling figures as various viewers halos interact with one another.”


Halo is a multi-screen interactive video projection and ‘real-time’ computing installation by artist Simon Biggs, with sound-scape by Stuart Jones and choreography by Sarah Rubidge. Recorded by many as a “disorientating experience”, this haunting and playful work activated its own behavioural patterns in response to visitors’ movements. Through powerful high-resolution video projectors and computers with infra-red remote visual sensing systems, interaction between the figures on the screens and the visitors was prompted. Naked life-size figures slowly moved on the screens, walking along the ground, but the viewers’ presence as a catalyst incited abrupt changes in the behaviour of the cyber dancers. As if attracted and repulsed into a gravity well, the figures started flying into their own orbit, being pulled down or up, dissolving. At the same time text ran on the screen, coming from nowhere, going nowhere, contributing to an enigma of ambiguity. Originally taken from William Blake’s “Marriage of Heaven and Hell”, the text displayed was transformed into new forms through an interactive ‘grammar engine’ programmed by the artist himself.

Simon Biggs’ exploration of digital technologies is concerned with our sense of self, and the meaning of being human in relation to virtual identities, and digitised experience in the computer space. A pioneer on the experimentation of computer technologies and art practices, Simon Biggs is today considered among the most reputable experts in the field. Born in Adelaide, South Australia, Simon Biggs studied Electronic and Computer Music at the Elder Conservatorium, Adelaide University and moved to London in 1986. Since the late 70’s he has been experimenting with computer technologies developing his own programming softwares. Since the 80’s Biggs’ work has focused on computer based interactive installations, animations and web-based projects. Over his 30 years career his work has been exhibited in many group and solo shows around the world, and been awarded various prizes.

Total Visitor Numbers: 2,943


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