No Horizon

“I am aiming to arouse an emotional response. I am looking at the psychological experience of entering a space”

No Horizon

This is a complex and sensorial installation, with an emphasis on movement, drama and tension. Figures in strong movement and dramatic gesture have informed the work although the results are austere and minimal. It is made up of invented forms and symbolic existing objects – a moving trapeze, glass bells – dislocated sound, moving light and shadows.

There are references to ideas within Baroque art, primarily looking at the integration of sculpture and architecture – a complete fusion of different art forms. In this case I am trying to link existing architecture and installation.

Paradox and opposing themes are used – mixing death and marriage; something sinister with the romantically beautiful; aftermath and party; symmetry and chaos; rigid and soft; opaque/transparent; rhythm.  Elation and then deflation – like breathing, feeling them close together.  Fear/excitement.

-Emma Woffenden

Total Visitor Numbers: 9,219

Exhibition Visitor Comments

Like Aphex Twin with invisible actors. Gives you your own story to make up. Gets better the longer you look… & listen!

Unnerving and mesmerising-  there is so much to take from this and make your own.

The circus – Some one dropped off the trapeze –  empty – hollow – the bells? – funeral – transparent life – scares me!!

Image Gallery

Photographs by Philip Carr