Jewellery is Life

“…Through jewellery, issues of value, communication, personal and collective histories are explored. The work reflects the importance of owning, giving and wearing jewellery throughout our lives”

-Mah Rana, artist

Jewellery is Life

Jeweller Mah Rana uses precious and ‘throw away’ materials to create unconventional items of jewellery, often based around folklore and fairy tales. For Jewellery is Life, Rana created a series of mourning brooches, birth stones and zodiac pieces which examine the role of memory, history and experience in our lives. In a broader sense, the exhibition investigated our life long relationship with jewellery – how we incorporate it into our daily lives and how we use it to mark significant life events such as betrothal and bereavement.

Total Visitor Numbers: 7,311

Exhibition Visitor Comments

Very nice to rekindle my thoughts and obsessions with jewellery. I feel as though we have a lot to talk about.

Delightful to experience such beautifully crafted ideas

Lovely to see meanings explored in such a humorous and visceral way. Very well put together and thought out. Puts most Jewellery to shame, would like to see it being worn though.

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