Man on the Street

“I describe my work as awkward, in between, ambiguous, like bits in films where nothing much happens…”.

Man on The Street

Man On The Street is an exhibition inspired by the question – what it is to be a man?
Five artist explore individual approaches to this question offering a ‘warts and all’ account of what men may see when looking at others.

Artists: Jason Evans, Gordon MacDonald, Paul M. Smith, Derek Ridgers and Alasdair McLellan.

These artists’ reaction to me echo and explore some of the shifting representations of male identity within the media, advertising and television.

Man On The Street shows men as objects of sexual desire, as clichés egging each other on in a drinking game, as objects of fear and as new consumers.

Total visitor numbers: 5,959

Exhibition Visitor Comments

The photographer reveals the sadness of prejudice in its full and gory detail!

Why do they all look so familiar?

So what happens to men when they reach 30 – become invisible?