The Origin of Painting

“People are fascinated by this work, it brings a shiver, a sudden recognition of death, perhaps as though we have seen or heard our own ghost.”

Three screen projections and a set of sound installations were set out in Fabrica to explore the collusion between art and science. Disrupted interferences and disorientating reverberations filled the gallery, with ghostly figures appearing after a blast of light.

As history – or myth – has it, the origin of painting lies in the outline of shadows cast on cave walls… its evolution, going hand in hand with technological advancement, leads us to the invention of photography as the ultimate art of light-sensitive shadows.

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… a post-modern painters dream…

Fabulous light-show! I found the ‘electrical interference’ exhibit rather disturbing, but of curiosity. It’s a bit like a termite city

Shudderingly moving and heart slowing!