Plan for a spell

“The power of the contemporary British landscape is up for question here. Plan for a Spell is a proposal for a social space set in the immediate future.”

-Adam Chodzko

Plan for a Spell

Plan for a Spell continued Chodzko’s fascination with the processes and affects of our imaginations and systems of belief. The video installation used a programme that randomly searched through contemporary ‘folk’ sites for the right combination of sequences that would create magic. Through this random process, the video projection and 3D sound generated itself, live.  If left on infinitely, all the possible configurations may never be played and so the spell may never be triggered  – or the magic may be released in the first few minutes.

Visitor Comments

Kinda hypnotic, I have to wrench myself away. The spell is cast perhaps? Like a heartbeat.

Liked the format. Haphazardly placing images with the narration below that feels like it’s your own inner monologue. Takes time to digest it into something that makes sense!

Great sense of TV channel flickering rhythm. Human behaviour is very strange!

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