“… It is a multiplicity of ideas, facts and observations that seem to best describe our perception of the city. Brighton is multifaceted, energetic, Pythonesque. Polyphon is our representation of this research.”


Pulp was a large-scale installation in paper, which captured the turnover and energy of summer in the city.

Brighton in the summer: 500 hours of expected sunshine; 4.5 million visitors; 10 million cups of tea and 2 million portions of chips. As the rhythm of the city picked up, the wastepaper baskets filled and the daily tide of visitors ebbed and flowed, Artstation created a giant inflated paper sculpture in Fabrica space. Using cutting edge computer technology, a kilometre of recycled paper and a team of volunteers, Glenn Davidson and Anne Hayes have transformed Fabrica with their spectacular new piece. The final work, Polyphon – a creature made of 58 separate paper sections joined together with gum strip – was produced on site in 2 and half weeks.

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A superb and a very impressive feast of engineering, science and art!

… Enjoyed the way it was impossible to look at its complete shape at any one time…

It makes me want to rip it up!

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