“My practice of responding to an environment, interior or exterior, making use of material which is local and/or linked to the specific place through work or nature brings a significant depth and strength to the completed work.”

For re/sort Hadzi-Vasileva has devised a delicate ‘altar screen’ of fish bones as a new site-specific installation for Fabrica’s interior.  In addition, she has re-created epidermis, a whirlpool of salmon skins suspended on shimmering threads.

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Visitor Comments

Fantastic spider web effect with the fishing line. It looks beautiful with the light shining on it. I love the shadows cast on the wall by the fish bones.

There is a fish skin suit displayed in a Russian history museum in Irkutsk. Apparently certain Siberian tribes would wear these, possibly as some kind of shamanic custom. The religious aspect reminded me of this curious outfit!

A great piece – I love the way it catches the light and changes as you move around it.

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Photographs by Philip Carr