“I associate sand with labour, with its constructioni techniques, with its storage and shipment. I have attempted to create an atmosphere of work, building shapes that refer to the way sand is stored at docks and industrial sites.” – David Watson


Ephemeral aspects of art explored through a sequence of works by contemporary artists enscripted and erased in public on a shifting canvas of sand.

Throughout the summer months of 1996, Fabrica was turned into a sand pit with which 15 artists made works of art. Most of the artists were used to working with other materials and the majority were from the Brighton area. Throughout the exhibition visitors were encouraged to work in the sand pit and add their own contribution to the exhibition or simply play.

Participating artists include:
Claire Nias, Iain Kettles, Paul Harrington, Louise Bristow, Nancy Angus, Bruce Williams, Terry Howe, Walter Bailey, Andy Parkin, Jane Sybilla Fordham, Jane Lyster, David Parfitt, Eleanor Suess, Kate Strachan, David Watson, Jonathan Swain.

Total Visitor Numbers: 8,881

Image Gallery