Textural Space

“…. We Japanese sometimes say that there is something mysterious, an invisible force in nature. I feel this is so, I try to show this invisible, all encompassing force through my work. I would like viewer to feel enveloped by the mysteries of nature when they see my work.”

Agano created a stunning installation with Textural Space by combining nylon filament, silk thread and handmade Japanese paper.

A work of painstaking craftsmanship, realized with knitting techniques and 15mm thick needles, this untitled installation defied the easy categorisation of mere ‘textile art’ by exploring the 3D potentials – and the evocative powers – of light, shade and texture in a gallery space.

Total Visitor Numbers: 25,626

Visitor Comments

I felt like I was wearing a hat

I was really moved by the beauty of the piece. For me it was like spirals of foam on an incoming tide – lovely

Like frozen rain-drops

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Photographs by Phillip Carr