The Undercroft

“When I began my work I often used 3D spaces to create work that existed in the virtual world… gradually I thought it was more interesting to make objects or sculptures that evoked these digital spaces without any intervention of digital technology’.

The Undercroft

The Undercroft was a newly commissioned sculpture designed to take advantage of the unique space offered by Fabrica. Sculptor Vincent Maugher used reconstituted wood to create a magical blend of fractal landscape and architectural folly, a topological pavilion that seemed to burst forth from the ground like an exposed crypt or vented volcanic cavern.

The Undercroft reflected a paradox; breathlessly dynamic in its structure, it was also a calming and peaceful lattice that complemented the internal architecture of the building. It became a contemplative sanctum; a space to think about the nature of sculpture and ponder the mapping and manipulation of our physical world.

At first sight, the form of The Undercroft appeared to be dictated by a mathematical accuracy synonymous with computer-aided design. However, closer inspection revealed an artisan’s pride in carefully crafted detail and creative treatment of everyday materials gleaned from DIY stores. As a result, Mauger’s assemblages lie across the rather wayward creative path that starts with William Morris’s Arts and Craft movement and ends in the fanatic excesses of an obsessive hobbyist.

Vincent Mauger had his work shown by several European galleries including Code/Buro in Brussels, gallerie LH Paris, MCNN in Nevers and at the Loire regional FRAC in Nantes. The Undercroft was his first solo exhibition in Britain.

Total Vistor Numbers: 17, 962

Exhibition Visitor Comments

Quite magical. It’s what art is all about.

Very clever. A plywood forest from underneath and a mountain landscape from above.

A volcanic landscape inspiring DIY troglodyte thoughts. Eruptive idea.

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Photographs by Philip Carr