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What is the Artist Development programme at Fabrica?

Artist Development at Fabrica is an integrated programme of activity in a number of areas. The gallery houses a free drop-in library with folders on professional practice, as well as information on local galleries and studios, artist monographs, theory books and contemporary art magazines.

Alongside the free reference library, the Artist Resource Manager, Caitlin Heffernan, sources information on local, regional, national and cross-border opportunities, exhibitions and events, which is collated into a newsletter and sent out weekly. Sign up to our Opportunities & Events newsletter by using the form below:

Artist’s can make appointments to see Caitlin or other experienced Artist advisors throughout the year. If you would like to find out more about the programme and resources available then contact Caitlin at

The Artist Development programme also functions as a loose network of artists and integral to this are a number of artist groups that we run at Fabrica. These include a peer review group and an artist educator group. The peer review group is co-ordinated by Caitlin Heffernan, artists meet monthly to discuss their work and receive feedback. The artist educator group is co-ordinated by artist Susan Diab. Freelance artist educators also meet monthly. The aim of both groups is to provide a supportive space for artists to share their work and help the development of their practice.

If you would like to find out more about these groups then contact Caitlin at

There is a blog for the Artist Resource, which you can view here:

Follow all the latest information on our talks, events and opportunities for artists via twitter @AR_Fabrica

The Artist Resource is staffed two days a week by the Artist Resource Manager and a small team of volunteers.


AR books The Artist Resource is a free drop-in information facility at Fabrica designed to support the professional development of visual artists