Founded by Dale Vince in 1995, Ecotricity are Britain’s first green energy company. They source 100% of their energy from renewable resources, including green electricity; made from the elements, wind, sun and sea and green gas; made from organic waste material and algae.

Ecotricity and Fabrica share an ethos of sustainability, and now, as part of Ecotricity’s “People:Power” scheme when you switch to Ecotricity, if you quote FAB1, we will receive a £60 donation! This will fund future exhibitions, provide support for local artists and help us to continue to provide valuable office placement and volunteering opportunities.

Ecotricity is also partnered with a range of other ethical companies that share the ethos of their brand such as Oxfam, RSPCA, Lush and Café Direct and others.

We are currently working alongside Ecotricity and many of these partner organisations to create a Greener Britain partnerships campaign which will begin in 2014.

If you would like to find out more about our partnership, please visit our page on the Ecotricity website.

Picture of a wind turbine in the English countrysideSimply quote FAB1 when you sign up, and Ecotricity will donate up to £60 to Fabrica.