Carousel (Oska Bright)

Carousel makes the case for diversity by promoting and supporting the role of learning disabled artists, challenging expectations of what great art is and who can create it.

It is an organisation that puts learning disabled people in control of their art; in film, music, performance and production helping these artists develop and manage their creative lives, true to their voice and vision. Carousel’s work is planned, managed and delivered by learning disabled teams and 50% of our Board members have a learning disability.

The Oska Bright Film Festival is an original international festival of short films made by people with learning disabilities. It is produced, managed and presented by a learning disabled team. In 2015 Oska Bright celebrated it’s seventh edition, welcoming more than 2900 people over three days. Festival-goers were treated to short films and videos, live bands, virtual reality, digital art, an awards ceremony and, for the first time ever, a feature film.

More information on Carousel and Oska Bright can be found here.