Otvorena Soba

Otvorena Soba, Macedonia was founded in 2010 and has quickly established itself on the international circuit as a champion of excellence and innovation in design and architecture. It initiated and produces 2 major projects each year. Firstly, Skopje Design Week (SDW), which is an annual 6-day international design fair that has hosted 520 European exhibitors and delivered 45 workshops, lectures and professional presentations. Secondly is The Ministry of Pleasure, an annual exhibition showcasing new Macedonian products, graphic design and fashion design. In 2013 it toured to Serbia, Bulgaria and Croatia.

Through the Understanding Territoriality project, Fabrica is currently partnered with Otvorena Soba to achieve its aim of increasing the quality and international profile of Macedonian design. Understanding Territoriality positions design alongside other art practices as an intellectually driven and politically connected discipline, which is useful for strengthening the creative sector as a whole, within the Balkans and further afield.

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