Fabrica Window: Inherent Process

Programmed by Jayne Wilson this screening of artists films highlights the artistic processes and different artistic voices that emerge from shared themes and structures. From the experimental process of working to the montage of photofilm and the juncture between analogue and digital.

Jayne Wilson produces carefully researched films that tread a line between the informative and the playful. Often dominated by a fascination with the inventions of the modern industrial age her films draw on a prevailing interest in archive imagery and montage.

Her films have screened at galleries and festivals including WRO Media Art Biennale (Poland), The Anthology Film Archive (New York), Cinecity and London Short Film Festival among others.


All That Mighty Heart (9:22mins)
The imagined Central Office for Clocktime Expansion invite you to consider mechanical engineering as an antidote to a fast moving life where time is a commodity.

Hey Presto! The Secret of Sound Travel (2:01mins)
Hey Presto! explains, refreshingly free from common sense, the primary laws of the science surrounding telephony.

As You See (7:50mins)
As a multitude of mesmerising televisual images race past our eyes, there is a simple, but simultaneously baffling, explanation to the technology that brought moving images to your screens.



Knitted Horse (1 min)
Based on Muybridge’s Horse in Motion, this experiment in knitted animation was developed as part of the Knitting Digital research project.
Sam Meech is an artist and video smith based in NW England, whose practice combines digital image making, projection design, community engagement, and machine knitting. He is interested in the overlap and interplay between analogue and digital media.



Fairburn Conspiracy (1 min)
This film takes its name from a series of unique books that were an indispensable source of visual references for creatives. The film, made on sellotape is played through specially adapted projectors, a process associated with experimental film and montage.
Sellotape Cinema is Steven Chamberlain and Stephen Snell.



Descent (1:26 min)
A cup falls and breaks into pieces. Every frame of this recorded movement is manually translated into a layer of dried clay. All the layers are then arranged vertically and glued together, forming a new object. This cycle repeatedly keeps breaking the old to create the new, translating destructive moments into higher dimensional forms.
Johan Rijpma is a visual artist based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, his work forms creative collaborations with often-simple subjects from his daily surroundings. In an experimental and playful way he creates and captures unusual, through seemingly simple yet often meticulous processes.



Lindy Hop (1 min extract)
These dance spotlights were part of the International Lindy Hop Competition held in Washington, D.C in 2013, the original footage is reprocessed into vertical stripes with three frame blocks of positive black & white that alternate with high contrast negative.
Stuart Pound lives in London and has worked in film, digital video, and the visual arts since the early 1970’s.



Disciplin og Fylogenese (1:42 mins)
This short film is a montage of elements, still images and found footage, which combined question the themes of discipline and form.
Thomas Kyhn Rovsing is an artist and musician based in Copenhagen, Denmark



Dawn of the Rainbow (2:53 mins)
Dawn of the Rainbow is made from the film leader from the 1939 film “The Wizard of Oz”. The film starts with the drab real world in black and white and suddenly converts to colour .This film is an attempt to celebrate and look back at that moment in cinematic history.
Described as a cinematic magpie Katie Goodwin considers herself a rejuvenator of what is lost or seen as waste. She continues to use the tools and language of 21st century cinema to explore what is on the precipice.