Pauline McGearty

Pauline McGearty

How long have you been at Fabrica?
Since March 2013

What have you been doing at Fabrica?
I assist with exhibition installation and de-rigs, carry out research for exhibition interpretation, help with the design and content of the online magazine ‘The Response, work as a front of house information assistant, helping with enquires from visitors, assist with artist lead workshops and on film nights. I have also volunteered as an office placement.

What are your reasons for volunteering with us ?
I first started volunteering at Fabrica because I was curious about what happens in a gallery behind the scene and to learn about art from all perspectives.

What do you hope to get out of it?
Since volunteering at Fabrica I have learnt much about the running of a gallery and staging of exhibitions. I have also been stimulated through volunteering in lots of different events and activities, which has given me lots of new ideas and interests for the development of my own art practice.

What is your most memorable experience while volunteering with Fabrica?
There are too many to mention, but I particularly enjoy the rigging of exhibitions and the workshops held in preparation for the exhibitions and also helping with workshops linked to the exhibitions.

Working on The Response magazine, it is good to see the completed magazine with all the varied contributions. Whenever I have come to Fabrica I have always come away with something that has given me new ideas or something else to pursue.

Who is your favourite artist? (at Fabrica or personal?)
There is no single artist that I would say is my favourite. That said, here are a few whose work has moved, inspired, and interested me: Frida Kahlo, Annette Messager, Francis Bacon, Louise Bourgeois, Cornella Parker.

Favourite Exhibition? (at Fabrica or personal?)
My favourite exhibition at Fabrica has been The Blue Route by Kaarina Kaikkonen. And else where, the Frida Kahlo exhibition at Pallent House a couple of years ago was good.

What artwork would you put in the gallery if you had free rein?
Cornella Parker I think would be good at Fabrica.

Why should anyone thinking of volunteering with Fabrica get involved?
Anyone who has an interest in art in any capacity I think would find volunteering at Fabrica engaging and rewarding. Volunteering at Fabrica would give them something that would inspire them to enrich their lives. They would also learn practical skills and knowledge that would be useful in all aspects of their life.

What do you do when youre not volunteering with us?
When I’m not at Fabrica I look after my family and work as a freelance prop maker.

I also make my own art, which tends to be sculptural, but I also paint, draw and use photography and film.

I also like digging about and growing things, which I do on my allotment. I also help with a community garden, maintaining it and putting on events.



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"Whenever I have come to Fabrica I have always come away with something that has given me new ideas or something else to pursue."