Eva Spaolonzi

Eva Spaolonzi

How long have you been at Fabrica?
Since June 2013

What have you been doing at Fabrica?
Front of house exhibitions and events, Digital Archive editing and Office Placement. Helping with layouts and ideas for The Response magazine and exhibition research and interpretation.

What are your reasons for volunteering with us?
To meet new people, be part of the art sector, gain work experience and learn everything about the Arts!

What do you hope to get out of it?
I hope to be more confident and skilled for a future job in this environment.

What is your most memorable experience while volunteering with Fabrica?
Loads! However, I really enjoyed the My Funeral Wishes event during the A Cold Hand on a Cold Day exhibition and the Resonance de-rig.

Who is your favourite artist? (at Fabrica or personal?)
A few from past exhibitions as such as Kaarina Kaikkonen, Louise Bristow and Mark Anstee. As personal artists Gustav Klimt, David Hockney and Richard Hamilton, amongst others.

Favourite Exhibition? (at Fabrica or personal?)
The Undercroft and Running Stitch (from the past) and Resonance so far. Hannah Hoch recently attended in London (as personal)

What artwork would you put in the gallery if you had free rein?
Jacob Belbin

Why should anyone thinking of volunteering with Fabrica get involved?
Because Fabrica offers a lot of professional development opportunities such as The Artist Resource for art students, emerging artists as well as opportunities to meet and work with diverse range of people including young people on the In Transition Project.

What do you do when your not volunteering with us?
My spare time is shared between my job as a care worker and my art and music practice. You can find out more by visiting my website www.tangerineart.wix.com/tangerineart and my blog http://tangerineart.tumblr.com/


Eva Spaolonzi Photo "Fabrica offers a lot of professional development opportunities such as The Artist Resource."