June Nelson

June Nelson.

How long have you been at Fabrica?
Since July 2015 covering the ‘Fragility’ exhibition.

What have you been doing at Fabrica?
Stewarding, research for the resource area and helping with volunteer-led workshops.

What are your reasons for volunteering with us?
To reconnect with Brighton’s creative community and in a place where everyone’s input is valued! To see first hand how community projects work, especially those working with older audiences. To be part of an innovative inclusive place where connections are fluid between artists, visitors, staff and volunteers. I’ve always admired Fabrica, which arrived in Sussex about the same time I did. Can’t think why it’s taken me so long to get involved!

What do you hope to get out of it?
To learn, enjoy life and be inspired. Meet like-minded people and find new ways to develop my artist-educator practice.

What is your most memorable experience whilst volunteering with Fabrica?
The Live & Learn volunteer training workshop. I’d never come across a workshop for staff and volunteers at a gallery, as opposed to the public. It was fun and helped us to think deeply about the exhibition so we were better placed to represent Fabrica and the artist when invigilating.

Who is your favourite artist? (at Fabrica or personal?)
I can’t pick one – Helen Chadwick, Rebecca Horn, Eva Hesse, Matisse, Rothko, Velasquez etc.

Favourite Exhibition? (at Fabrica or personal?)
One that still resonates – Helen Chadwick’s ‘Of Mutability’ at the Third Eye Centre, Glasgow and at the ICA, London.

What artwork would you put in the gallery if you had free rein?
Rebecca Horn’s ‘Tower of the Nameless’ or any one of her kinetic pieces. Or a Louise Bourgeois Cell that you were allowed to walk through.

Why should anyone thinking of volunteering with Fabrica get involved?
You will meet great people who love the arts, see how a gallery (which punches way above its weight) operates, and feel welcomed and valued!

What do you do when you’re not volunteering with us?
After a change of career from publishing to Fine Art, I try to keep up my own practice as a visual artist, supported by part-time work as a front of house operative at the Towner Gallery, and as a freelance artist educator.

Visual Artist | Artist Educator
Art website: www.junenelson.co.uk
One of AccessArt’s “40 Artist Educators”
Twitter: @Nelson1June

June Nelson"You will meet great people who love the arts, see how a gallery (which punches way above its weight) operates, and feel welcomed and valued!"