Nikki Wilson

Nikki Wilson

How long have you been at Fabrica?
8 months, 3 of these have been as part of a placement via Northbrook College.

What have you been doing at Fabrica?
Helping prepare materials for installations: stringing up shirts with Kaarina Kaikkonen for the The Blue Route exhibition and rolling music sheets into cones for Susie MacMurray’s exhibition Resonance. Greeting visitors at the Jordan Baseman video installation A Cold Hand on a Cold Day and a range of administrative duties.

What are your reasons for volunteering with us?
To be regularly involved in an art-related environment which is important to me as I currently undertaking a Fine Art degree at Northbrook College.

What do you hope to get out of it?
To learn more about the workings of a gallery with a view to a possible career in the arts once I have graduated.

What is your most memorable experience while volunteering with Fabrica?
Sewing cones onto threads with other volunteers – it reminded me of a sewing circle with us all chatting, sewing and drinking tea.

Who is your favourite artist? (at Fabrica or personal?)
There are so many!  If I had to choose one it would have to be Sarah Sze.

Favourite Exhibition? (at Fabrica or personal?)
From Fabrica it is A Cold Hand on a Cold Dayfor the gentle way it dealt with such a thought-provoking subject.  Outside of Fabrica then it would be The Venice Biennale 2013 – what a treat that was!

What artwork would you put in the gallery if you had free rein?
Sarah Sze who makes amazing installations out of small, everyday found objects.

Why should anyone thinking of volunteering with Fabrica get involved?
Fabrica’s programme is so varied that you get to work with and meet a range of different artists and visitors.  The staff and other volunteers are lovely and there is always a stash of biscuits on offer!

What do you do when your not volunteering with us?
I am mum to 2 teenagers.  In addition to my degree I run a small catering business with my husband.  I also love to read and enjoy cycling around the countryside in Arundel.

NIKKI "Fabrica’s programme is so varied that you get to work with and meet a range of different artists and visitors. "