Rosie Clarke

Rosie Clarke

How long have you been at Fabrica?
Since 2013.

What have you been doing at Fabrica?
Front of house stewarding for exhibitions, putting together and editing The Response magazine, and helping out on evening events such as panel discussions.

What are your reasons for volunteering with us?
I wanted to get involved with something in Brighton that would lead to more opportunities – it’s a great way to meet people, and to try your hand at something new. Fabrica is always encouraging volunteers to challenge themselves with more responsibility.

What do you hope to get out of it?
Learning something that was different to university.

What is your most memorable experience while volunteering with Fabrica?
Sitting around drinking tea and sewing together hundreds of pieces of sheet music for the Resonance exhibition, so therapeutic!

Who is your favourite artist? (at Fabrica or personal?)
Egon Schiele

Favourite Exhibition? (at Fabrica or personal?)
James Turrell at the Gagosian, it felt like walking into nothingness.

What artwork would you put in the gallery if you had free rein?
James Turrell! Especially with Fabrica’s amazing architecture!

Why should anyone thinking of volunteering with Fabrica get involved?
There’s so much to be gained and it’s a great place to be part of.

What do you do when your not volunteering with us?
I’m a student at the University of Brighton studying History of Design Culture & Society. Here’s a link to the blog for our course where I talk about volunteering at Fabrica:

Rosie Clarke"Fabrica is always encouraging volunteers to challenge themselves with more responsibility."