Media OS 5.1 by Partial Facsimile

23 March 2017

7:15pm – 9:25pm


In association with Strangelove Festival Partial Facsimile MEDIA OS 5.1 is a multi–media performance in 5.1 surround sound.  It discusses the overconsumption of digital information and its entertaining, yet beguiling effects on human behaviour. It also addresses the consequences that an oppressive society has upon the modern day worker.

The performance of contemporary music and synchronised moving imagery encompasses vocals, guitars, bass, piano, synthesizers, drums, cello and digital sequencing.

The ensemble will perform among the visual projections so that the focus is on the moving imagery and the spatial sound.

The audience will be immersed inside a surround sound system and encouraged to interact with the performance using their personal information technologies (Smartphones/Tablets).

10 films have been specifically developed for the individual songs, and informed by their lyrical content. Each one of the films is unique, but collectively they tell a story.

Visual artists:

Matthew Dervenkov

Innerstrings Lightshow

Felix Prater

José Canepa

Daisy Rickmann

Ann Mai Lunde Røge

Wenztel & Winlove

Ranieri Film

Dexter Ash


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