Volunteering at Fabrica

From the beginning Fabrica has recognised the value of volunteers to the organisation. We believe that while volunteers certainly have a role to play in the day to day running of the organisation particularly front of house they also bring their own skills experiences and interests to Fabrica and by so doing necessarily impact on the organisation.

We have a long-standing and well-developed volunteer programme, which offers as a starting point the opportunity to volunteer as part of the front of house team working in the gallery to enhance the visitor experience or in the Artist Resource helping the AR manager to deliver professional development opportunities for artists. From that starting point other opportunities are open from running drop-in workshops to carrying out research for gallery interpretation, helping out with marketing to placements in the Fabrica office.

We think that volunteering at Fabrica offers invaluable and much sought after experience. Previous volunteers are now working in arts organisations both across the city and nationally. In fact many of the staff at Fabrica were once volunteers in the organisation.

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Front of House

Artist Resource