Making Space: Breathe Into Me, Performance

Anna Walker

Archive Events & Talks (17 January 2019, 6.00pm - 7.00pm)
Artist and writer Anna Walker will be using her Making Space opportunity at Fabrica to test out a new three-part audiovisual work, Breathe Wind Into Me, she is developing for future exhibition. The work has emerged from her recently concluded PhD research which investigated the meeting place of trauma and memory and the notion of intergenerational trauma: what gets passed on down through the generations.
Anna will be presenting Chapter 1: The Breath, which uses film, sound and text at Fabrica. Throughout the week she will be on hand experiment and evaluate how the different elements of the piece work together with the space, and with an audience. To help this process Anna is inviting anyone who is interested in the subject and process of developing this piece to take part in a participatory discussion on the work. This session will be recorded and used as part of Chapter 2: The Word.
Chapter 2 Anna Walker


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