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Providing learning opportunities for everyone is a major component in our mission to promote understanding of contemporary visual art.

We believe that people of different ages, backgrounds and abilities should be able to work with professional artists to develop and realise their own creative ideas. People for whom there are economic, cultural or other barriers to mainstream arts provision should also be given the opportunity for active engagement with the visual arts. We know that knowledge and understanding of different cultural perspectives can be achieved through working with artists with diverse life experiences.

The key principles that underpin our learning programmes are:

  • The Arts is a flexible arena in which we can evolve our individual and collective identities through engagement with ideas, images, objects and their possible meanings.
  • Curiosity and creativity are inherent human qualities.
  • Learning at Fabrica is a multi-sensory and social activity.
  • Artists’ ideas, values and lifestyle choices are often at odds with mainstream thinking or cultural trends. Artists can be inspiring, alternative role models for young or marginalised people.
  • The responses of adults and young people are equally valid.
  • Artists have a strong sense of identity, helping others to develop their sense of identity and voice.

We recognise and celebrate the positive impact art and creativity can have on a person's sense of health and wellbeing. This is inherent in the way we work with artists and people across our activities, while some of our programmes are designed to prevent, alleviate and counteract particular conditions that people might be facing. Find out about the wider impact of our programme on health and wellbeing in this 2023 report.

If you have any questions about our education programme or events please contact [email protected]

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“You don't know how much these sessions have changed my life, honestly. I feel more confident and I feel happier. I look forward to them every week, they are the best part of it”

Woven By Us participant


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