Safe Spaces Policy

Fabrica as a Safe Space

A safe space policy is about creating a welcoming, engaging and supportive environment at Fabrica so that all our audience, participants, staff and volunteers feel able to participate. At Fabrica we want to be a space where all individuals can support each other to feel free to be themselves, but also where abuse and discrimination are not tolerated.

Whilst at Fabrica we want audiences, participants, staff and volunteers to feel welcome and included to participate in our events, regardless of their gender, ability, age, ethnicity, size, class, religion, culture and sexuality. Any form of discriminatory language or behaviour towards anyone is unacceptable.

Freedom of speech is important, yet the intention to incite hatred is never acceptable. Any individual at Fabrica is asked to be aware of their language and behaviour, and to think about how it might affect others. We will encourage those running activities to help us make the building a safer space by behaving with kindness and respect towards others.

We have a zero-tolerance approach towards any kind of aggressive or invasive behaviour; this includes any form of physical or verbal abuse. If we are informed or feel that someone has overstepped these boundaries, we will challenge it, and they may be asked to leave.

Reach out

If you experience discomfort, are concerned about someone else’s well-being, find something triggering or need immediate support or assistance, please find a Fabrica staff member or volunteer.


Our Safe Spaces Policy is a live document and will change to adapt, as necessary. If you have any thoughts or comments on our policy, how we have communicated or implemented it, please speak to a member of staff, or [email protected]

If you wish to make a complaint, please refer to our complaints policy here

Last updated: Jan 2022


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