Complaints Policy

Fabrica values all visitor feedback and takes complaints very seriously. As stated on Fabrica’s website (, members of the public are encouraged to contact us with any complaints, suggestions or praise.

Visitor Comments

All visitor comments and suggestions received by Fabrica (verbally in person with our staff, by email, telephone, visitor comment book and letter) are logged and monitored as part of Fabrica’s ongoing efforts to improve our visitors’ experience.


Fabrica views complaints as an opportunity to learn and improve for the future, as well as a chance to put things right for the person or organisation that has made the complaint.

If a member of the public is dissatisfied with any aspect of their visit to Fabrica; a service they have received from Fabrica; a response they have received to correspondence with Fabrica, or the conduct of a particular member of Fabrica staff (for example a failure by a member of staff to adhere to Fabrica policy), a formal complaint may be made by contacting Fabrica using the means listed above (under Visitor Comments).

Complaints should be made by emailing [email protected] with ‘Complaint’ in the email heading; or by letter addressed to:

The Administrator
40 Duke St

Fabrica endeavours to respond to all visitor complaints (where contact details are given, and responses requested) within thirty working days of receipt (if Fabrica needs longer to provide a full response, a member of Fabrica staff will contact the correspondent to advise when a reply can be expected).

If a correspondent feels that a complaint has not been addressed appropriately, they should first raise their concerns with the Administrator.

If a correspondent is still not satisfied, they may request that their complaint be reviewed by a more senior member of staff, who will usually be the relevant Manager. If the matter is not resolved at this level, a correspondent may request that their complaint be referred to the Director.

​Complaints must be made no more than six months after the grounds upon which a complaint is based first arose (this period may be extended for good reason at the discretion of the Director).

Fabrica is not bound to respond to complaints which it deems repetitive, i.e., repeated complaints of a similar nature from the same individual or group of individuals, which it believes have been answered fully in the past.

Fabrica is not bound to respond to complaints which are believed to be vexatious or frivolous, i.e., which are not a genuine endeavour to seek redress but are aimed at disrupting the business of Fabrica or harassing Fabrica staff.

Circumstances and mechanism for referral to the Board of Trustees of Fabrica

If a correspondent feels that a complaint which has been escalated through Fabrica’s Management to the Director has not been addressed appropriately, the correspondent may request that the matter be referred to the Board of Trustees of Fabrica.

​The complaint will then be taken to the next meeting of the Board of Trustees of Fabrica.

Trustees will be nominated to investigate the complaint, and to report on any actions required. The results of any such investigations will be shared with the Board of Trustees of Fabrica, and with the correspondent at the earliest opportunity.

In the eventuality the complainant was still unsatisfied with the outcome of their complaint we will instruct them to contact the Fundraising Regulator by calling 0300 999 3407 or by filling in the webform here.

Freedom of Information

Complaints about the handling of Freedom of Information requests are subject to the appeals and complaints procedure as outlined under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act. If a correspondent feels that a Freedom of Information request has not been addressed appropriately, the correspondent should, in the first instance, seek an internal review of the decision received. Requests for internal review should be submitted in writing to the Administrator, by emailing [email protected] or writing a letter to Fabrica, 40 Duke Street, Brighton, BN1 1AG.

Policy last updated: February 2022


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