Making Space: Sculptural Murmurings, Performance and Q&A

Hazel Reeves

Archive Events & Talks (9 September 2021, 6.15pm - 8.30pm)
Join Hazel Reeves and participants for a performance and Q&A that focuses on a sculptural approach to expressive dance and movement.
Hazel Reeves is undertaking a Making Space residency at Fabrica 6-9 September 2021

Best known for creating bronzes for the public realm, Hazel is using her time at Fabrica to explore other aspects of her sculptural practice: movement and sound in space. And to develop her practice towards one that is more collaborative and transdisciplinary.

“At heart I’m a sculptural choreographer – sometimes choreographing stories in bronze, sometimes creating soundscapes to inspire movement. During this Making Space residency, I will be developing a sculptural approach to expressive dance and movement, and questioning the norms of how dancers should look and move."

Hazel will be working with other visual, sound and movement artists, a group of non-professional dancers, and using specially created soundscapes, to create a work-in-progress piece.

This, the culmination of four days of experimentation will be performed at Fabrica, 6.30pm on Thursday 9 September. It will be followed by a Q&A with the artists at 7.15pm.
Shadowed Gesture 4 Photographer Helen Goodwin

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