Open Calls

As an educational charity we are committed to developing the broadest possible audience for the work we commission and present. To achieve this we work in partnership with a range of arts and non-arts organisations, create residencies for artists and deliver an events programme for each exhibition that is designed to engage a wide variety of visitors and participants.

Each year Fabrica provides two paid artist residency opportunities. The artists that we commission for our residency programme tend to be based in, or within easy striking distance of Brighton & Hove. They tend to be mid-career with considerable experience in engaging people through art. The residency programme supports and profiles artists for whom engagement with non-arts audiences is a key part of their practice (rather than just an adjunct to it).

These residencies provide a concrete moment for artists to reflect on and consolidate their thoughts about the trajectory of their practice whilst at the same time asking artists to communicate their ideas, dilemmas and ways of working to a wider audience through online and in-person methods. The residencies frequently have a published outcome such as a blog.

Artists suitable for the residency programme are currently identified via our curatorial, artist and gallery education networks.

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