Gallery Talk: A Consciousness of Finitude

Professor Raymond Tallis & Dr Paul Davies

Archive Events & Talks (9 July 2015, 7.00pm - 9.00pm)
Whilst we know we are finite organisms we tend to live our lives as if we are eternal. Professor Raymond Tallis and Dr Paul Davies interrogate this human contradiction, asking how perception of ourself and the world around us might seem different if we were truly able to accept our own finitude.
Paul Davies is Reader in Philosophy at the Centre for Literature and Philosophy, University of Sussex. His essay Three Ways of Lingering With Beauty examines the role art and the artist can play in our reflections on nature and time.

Philosopher, writer and former physician Raymond Tallis is one of the world’s most renowned and established polymaths. His new book The Black Mirror is inspired by E. M. Forster's thought that 'Death destroys a man but the idea of it saves him'. It takes death as an external viewpoint from which we may see our lives more clearly.
Prof Raymond Tallis


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