A Place At The Table

Elaine Ortiz & Humeira Yaqub

Archive Events & Talks (24 November 2018, 3.30pm - 4.30pm)
Two intimate discussions for very small audiences that bring the personal stories of refugees, migrants and the grass roots organisations that support them, into the gallery, enabling you to hear their stories at firsthand and ask questions.
Elaine Ortiz and Humeira Yaqub, The Hummingbird Project. In 2015 Elaine Ortiz started The Hummingbird Project to respond to the lack of support for refugees in Calais. This small group fundraised over £55,000, and grew to build community spaces and shelters, set up medical services, tea kitchens and then the Hummingbird Safe Space for unaccompanied minors, recruiting and organising hundreds of highly skilled volunteers from Brighton & Hove and London such as medics, therapists, youth workers, builders and child protection professionals.

The Hummingbird Project became a charity in 2017 and now run services that have been co-developed by the young people who we work with: Trauma informed advocacy/casework, education support, a social club and a young leaders training program. Elaine is joined by Humeira Yaqub, a long term volunteer of Hummingbird who worked in the Hummingbird Safe Space in the 'jungle' and is now working in the UK as UASC (unaccompanied asylum seeking child) good practice and training coordinator.
Hummingbird At The Table


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