Making Space: A River Runs Through, Workshop

Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings & Mike Barrett

Archive Events & Talks (25 July 2017, 10.00am - 4.00pm)
Share your experiences and connections to rivers lead by textile artist Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings with glass artist Mike Barrett.
Two days of workshops: discussion and practical elements to share themes of migration, identity, memory and loss in relation to rivers and how these experiences to the landscape shape our experience of place. The workshops are free to attend and will be British Sign Language interpreted. Participants will have the opportunity to experiment with textile and glass processes as well as share their own memories to contribute to the artist’s project in March 2018 at Fabrica.

These workshops have been kindly supported by Amal-A Said Foundation Project and Unlimited

Part 1: Tuesday 25 July at Fabrica 10-4pm

Come and talk to Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings and Mike Barrett and share your experiences and personal connection to rivers, exploring themes of migration, identity and loss.

Part 2: Saturday 29 July at Phoenix Brighton 10-4pm

Practical workshops fusing textiles and glass, participants will have the opportunity to work with textiles and glass in this workshop, to creatively explore themes from the 1st day.

A River Runs Through

Fabrica, will be working with Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings in support of her project ‘A River Runs Through’ which will creatively explore the relationships people develop with their surrounding environment and why living so close to a river can influence one’s identity. This project will look in particular at the river Nile, as well as UK rivers and Omeima will be working closely with the Brighton Sudanese community to explore these themes.

A series of creative workshops with local communities in Brighton and the Sudanese community in particular, will be invited to share their experiences and describe how rivers have affected them. Themes of transition, loss and memory will be explored.

These narratives will feed into a creative process to inspire and shape a final art piece. The production of the final work will involve a variety of methods combining print, glass and textiles techniques. Participants will learn about textile, glass and print techniques and see their ideas reflected in the final art piece. These initial workshops will feed into work being developed as part of Fabrica’s supported artists’ project’s programme; Making Space in March 2018.

The project will be looking more broadly at the importance of rivers, environmentally and practically and how they have shaped our culture and identity, what rivers mean and how they bring us together and connect us all, both physically and emotionally.

Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings is a deaf British/Sudanese textile artist who lost her hearing at the age of 4 years old and subsequently moved to the UK.

Mike Barrett is a glass artist based in Brighton, he will be working with Omeima to realise the glass and textile workshops and develop the project as a whole for Making Space at Fabrica.
A river runs through


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