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Lisa Watts & Becky Shaw

Archive Events & Talks (21 July 2022, 6.45pm - 8.00pm)
Join exhibiting artist Lisa Watts and Dr Becky Shaw for a discussion on the central themes of our Summer Exhibition: My Crazy Family Golf.
Exhibiting artist Lisa Watts and Dr Becky Shaw, discuss the themes that are central to My Crazy Family Golf: familial collaboration, games and when does making something become art?

The talk will last approximately 40 minutes followed by a Q&A.

Dr Becky Shaw is a multidisciplinary artist whose research examines how individuals encounter institutions such as schools, and hospitals. A Reader in Fine Art, Becky leads the PhD cohort in the Art and Design Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University. She makes process-based, live artworks in the social realm. Recent projects include: Artist in Residence at Sarah Wigglesworth Architects where she produced the Odd Project, a three-year interdisciplinary project that worked to understand how it feels to not fit in at school, and construct new expressions of difference that challenge the current policies of inclusion that are constructed around social identity.

Dr Lisa Watts uses as performance, video, photography, and digital imaging in her art practice, which often involves her own body. Recent projects include Not a Decorator 2017-18 (shown at SIA, Sheffield: Castlefield Gallery, Manchester and John Hansard Gallery, Southampton) and Skittish (shown at Spacex Gallery, Exeter, Vane Gallery, Newcastle, The Tetley, Leeds). She has produced two artist’s books: 429 Significant Moments: Documenting an Artist’s Research and Processes (2018) and 32 Significant Moments: an Artist’s Practice as Research (2004), alongside numerous performance projects at venues including: Site Gallery, Sheffield; Interspace, Bulgaria; National Review of Live Art, Glasgow; Hull Time Based Arts; Bradford International Festival, amongst others. Lisa has recently undertaken training to be a social worker alongside her artistic practice.
Lisa and Becky IN CONVO

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