Artist Talk

Lindsay Seers

Archive Events & Talks (2 November 2019, 11.00am - 12.20pm)
Lindsay Seers is best known for the hundreds of images she produced using her own body as a camera and her video installations. These explore complex ideas and situations through elliptical narratives that are shaped by an evolving set of connections and coincidences that the act of making the work evokes.
This method of making: through a stream of thought, is an attempt to align filmic construction to the way in which the mind itself works rather than cinematic tropes and the storytelling methods that have developed in relation to theatre. Each development in her practice has been characterised by engaging with embodiment, consciousness and the hallucinatory quality of the media that absorb and influence us. Her work is not fictional but a search for truth into how the mind produces our reality. It is always arrived at through intensive periods of research and considerable time spent mastering new developments in photographic technology.

For this slide presentation Lindsay will focus on the development of her two most recent works: Care(less) and Every Thought There Ever Was which is currently showing at Arbroath, Scotland as part of a UK tour.
Lindsay Seers Artist Talk

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