Audint Unsound: Workshop


Archive Events & Talks (23 January 2020, 2.00pm - 4.00pm)
A daytime workshop from the sonic arts group AUDINT and their affiliates.
AUDINT is a London-based art collective operating across the fields of sound, performance, theory/ fiction, film and installation. The group’s recent volume Unsound: Undead (Urbanomic, 2019) collates 64 new essays probing how the periphery of sonic perception (unsound) serves to activate the undead.

An afternoon workshop at Fabrica will be followed by an evening of performances and presentations from AUDINT members and affiliates, including Steve Goodman (Kode9), Eleni Ikon, Carolin Schnurrer, Charlie Blake and Alpha (Anne Duffau).

Afternoon workshop // 2-4pm

Eleni Ikoniadou, Al Cameron and Caleb Madden will explore the perceptual and cultural peripheries of the sonic in a seminar based around contributions to the recent AUDINT book – a look at music, sound and voice.

For the past ten years the group has been researching the periphery of sonic perception (unsound) and its potential to activate a continual intersection between fiction and fact, pressuring thought to become something other than what it has been. The group’s recent publication, UNSOUND: UNDEAD collates 64 new essays, probing how unsound serves to activate the undead. Contributors from a variety of disciplines map out a zigzagging timeline: stretching from the 8th century BC (the song of the Sirens), to 2013 (acoustic levitation), and forward to 2057 (the development of holographic and holosonic phenomena).
Audint Unsound Undead Eve performance


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