Gallery Talk: Craftivism

Betsy Greer

Archive Events & Talks (25 February 2014, 6.30pm - 7.30pm)
Join Betsy Greer for a discussion around Craftivism. Ever wonder when to stay with an idea or when to let it go? When to dig in and when to walk away in regards to your creativity?
" In 2001, I had a little idea that craft and activism were a perfect match. It stayed in my head like a moth around a lightbulb for two years... bouncing to the forefront at the most inopportune times or whispering to me while I was knitting on the couch or out for a walk. Two years later, it was still there. And I was beginning to wonder what to do with a made-up idea and portmanteau. So, I unleashed it into the internet, this thing that most people couldn't even pronounce, let alone spell. Eleven years on, I'm still talking about it. And other people are talking about it."

Betsy Greer is a writer, maker, and researcher who received her MA in Sociology from Goldsmiths in 2004. Her first book, Knitting for Good! was published by Roost Books in 2008 and a craftivism anthology, Craftivism: The Art of Craft and Activism, featuring 33 craftivist voices, will be published by Arsenal Pulp Press in spring 2014. She lives in the Washington DC Metro area with a fluffy cat named Bobbin and more craft supplies than should be allowed.

Unravelled is an arts organisation led by Polly Harknett, Caitlin Heffernan and Matt Smith. They celebrate innovation in the arts by working across fine art and craft practice and by offering exhibition opportunities in historic houses where artists and makers can explore how art can evoke histories, stories and a sense of place. Funded by the Arts Council England, they are currently working with the National Trust on a three-year project developing exhibitions for three properties in the South East. Our objective is to inspire novel ideas and ways of working and give artists, makers and the heritage sector the chance to explore new contexts, new challenges and new audiences.
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