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Jennifer's Body

Archive Film at Fabrica (31 October 2023, 6.00pm - 9.00pm)
This Halloween, our Fresh Perspectives young film programmers have selected to view glossy, 00's horror, Jenifer's Body, which is now regarded as now-cult-classic.

BFI Recommends are feature and short recommendations for young aspiring screen creatives. This screening is presented in partnership with Fresh Perspectives, Fabrica's young film programmers group.

Jennifer's Body / 2009 / 1hr&42mins / Rated 15

After being sacrificed to Satan by a dive bar band, the popular Jennifer becomes possessed and transformed into a boy-eating succubus. It's then up to her infatuated best friend "Needy" to stop her.

Jennifer's Body was originally a flop, due to being poorly marketed as a Megan Fox sexy schoolgirl horror, however, in recent years it has become recognised as a feminist cult classic for its representation of toxic female friendships and sapphic longing. Some understand Jennifer's Body as a revenge film, although, the patriarchy isn't solely shown through the character's relationships with men, it's the obsessive frenemy 'love'. between Jennifer and Needy which is central to the plot.

Delivered by Fabrica on behalf of Young Film Network South East, supported with National Lottery funding.

“I always felt like this is a horror movie about toxic friendships between girls. And on a larger scale, it’s about how these alliances between girls get distorted and corrupted by the patriarchy.”

Karyn Kusama, Director
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