Conversation Piece: From Uganda to the UK

Archive Events & Talks (29 April 2022, 3.30pm - 5.00pm)
A relaxed and informative discussion event about a story of displacement and belonging.
What is it like to leave your home, and how would you bring that sense of home with you, for a new beginning far away?

In the past, the UK has played an important role in welcoming refugees to its shore. In the 60s and 70’s, Indian people living in Uganda were expulsed by Idi Amin and forced to leave their homes. Many came to the UK for refuge. Purnima Shah was 10 years old when she first reached the UK and remembers the kindness of the volunteers who first welcomed her family at the RAF camp.
Join artist and researcher Lorenza Ippolito and local resident, Purnima Shah for a conversation of personal experiences of seeking refuge.

This event is part of the associated programme for Fabrica’s exhibition, Journeys From An Absent Present to a Lost Past by Mohamad Hafez. Hafez explores themes of nostalgia in observing your home country in war from afar, and the pain and displacement experienced of refugees with no way to return.
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