Dreamy Place Launch Event

Archive Events & Talks (19 October 2023, 12.30pm - 11.59am)
Lighthouse previously ran Brighton Digital Festival (BDF) before it evolved into Dreamy Place. Maintaining its origins of grassroots collaboration and talent in the city, join us for an exciting launch programme bringing together past curators of BDF along with some new talent in the city.

The 12-hour programme of back-to-back events includes a pioneering series of talks, interviews, film screenings, dance, and performance activities devoted to exploring and pushing the boundaries of digital space and the possibilities of play and human connection.

Contributors include Lighthouse Young Creatives, eott, Amartey Golding, Tarik Elmoutawakil, GUAN, LimboLimbs and comedian Charlie George.

Join us in our collective celebration of the new vision and directorship of the festival format.

See the full lineup below

12:30pm – 2pm: Whose Anthem Is It Anyway? Matinee Performance
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6pm – 7.30pm: Whose Anthem Is It Anyway? Evening Performance
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England’s having an identity crisis. Comedian Charlie George and our house band front a new show by artist Amartey Golding for Dreamy Place 2023, Whose Anthem Is It Anyway? Together with the audience, they’ll attempt to tackle the impossible task of delivering a new national anthem for England. A funny and warm look at the impossible situation of creating one song for an entire nation. By the end of the show, we will have collaboratively created a frankenstein of an anthem, that we will all sing together. No matter how bad it is!

2:30pm – 5.30pm: Lightworks (eott feat. LYC)
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Sitting somewhere between Stussy and Mind, eott is a Brighton-based mental health project. Their mission is to normalise the conversation around our minds, raising awareness and funds for good causes through the curation of fashion, visual arts and words. Expect all of the above in our Dreamy Place Launch programme, with a panel talk and trade show-style layout of friends and collaborators. Also featuring our Lighthouse Young Creatives alumni: Hazel Davis, Lara Antoine and Erin James who will be co-curating a short film programme that responds to eott’s programme of activities.

8pm – 1am: Immersive Club Night
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8pm – 11pm: Who is Still Dreaming? (Tarik Elmotawakil)
Setting off an immersive club night, local producer, community organiser and more, Tarik Elmotawakil is taking over the entire space. Co-produced by installation artist Thomas Buckley, Fabrica will be transformed into a multi-sensory, surreal experience where reality flickers into a dream.

11pm – 1am: Martin Goya Business DJs GUAN and LimboLimbs
Martin Goya Business is a dynamic, non-profit experimental art platform founded in Hangzhou, China. Travelling 5,756 miles to be at Fabrica on 19 October, their DJs and producers GUAN and Limbo Limbs will take the party into the early hours. Expect multi-genre selections that go from traditional Chinese music to dancefloor-shifting sonics, paired with stunning visuals from a host of China’s most talented young digital designers.

Whos Anthem Is It Anyway Light House Production Hi Res 107


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