Fantastic Planet presented in partnership with Fresh Perspectives

Archive Film at Fabrica (25 November 2021, 7.30pm - 11.00pm)
A well-regarded cult-classic, Fantastic Planet is a size-shifting exploration of otherness and difference. A wacky and often disturbing re-understanding of what it means to be human.
Fresh Perspectives selected Fantastic Planet in response to Fabrica’s autumn exhibition, Strange Relations by Carys Reilly and Simon Le Boggit. Fantastic Planet (French: La Planète sauvage, Czech: Divoká planeta, lit. "The Wild Planet") is a 1973 experimental animated science fiction tale directed by René Laloux and written by Laloux and Roland Topor.

The allegorical story, about humans living on a strange planet dominated by giant humanoid aliens who consider them animals, is based on the 1957 novel Oms en série by French writer Stefan Wul. Before the feature, we will be playing a 20 minute short film from Care More - a collaborative animation project from composer and visual artist Thomas Harrington Rawle and co-writer and producer Cathal Mckeon.

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