Boy and the World

Archive Film at Fabrica (25 October 2023, 2.00pm - 4.00pm)
Colourful hand-drawn Brazilian animation; a quest of a boy reuniting his family and a cautionary tale of globalization.

Boy and the World / 2013 / Dialogue Free*/ 1hr&20mins / Rated PG

As part of World Habitat Day, this half term we will be enjoying Boy and the World, a colourful hand-drawn Brazilian animation about a boy's quest to find his father, who has travelled into the city from the family farm to work. The story is a heartfelt fable about modernization and the effects they're having on our planet.

The animation is a rich, colourful and thrilling visual experience and has an infectious, samba-infused score which provides a joyful viewing experience. We follow Cuca navigating the beautiful Brazilian countryside - tall trees, cool waters and playful wildlife and travelling to confront the smoky factories and towering cities of the local metropolis.

*The entire film is told with very little dialogue. The gibberish spoken by the characters is Brazilian Portuguese spoken backwards.

“Boy and the World” is dazzlingly colourful and alive, often resembling a more elaborate version of the kind of childlike drawings you probably have stuck to your refrigerator door right now. His combination of rich hues and textures and evolving aesthetics makes “Boy and the World” a constant wonder and joy to behold."


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