Gallery Talk: From Wreck to REEF

Archive Events & Talks (22 October 2014, 7.30pm - 10.30pm)
The scientific evidence for the benefit of artificial reefs is irrefutable but the reality of creating a reef is controversial and complex. Four speakers, including partners involved in the REEF project, shed light on the process and share their experience of this undertaking.
Gerald Legg, recently retired Keeper of Natural Science at the describes what’s happening on the seabed and why artificial reefs are good for marine biodiversity.

Marcus Darler and Sean Webb, directors of not-for-profit organisation outline their ambition to create a series of artificial reefs on a 1.5 square km of seabed near Portland, Dorset, what they have already achieved and why artificial reefs are good for diving tourism.

Caroline Smith, an independent producer working closely with Simon Faithfull introduces REEF as an art project that leaves a legacy for the environment and for Portland.
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